Terms and Rules for Display Reservations

***NOTE:  The Dayton, Sharonville and Lebanon locations are now owned and operated by 
"C & E Gun Shows".  
For reservations call 888-715-0606 or click here: CEGunShows.com


ATTN:  Shows are selling out months in advance!  IF a show you selected is SOLD-OUT be sure to send us a email @ gunshows@usit.net to be put on our standby list.

You can also reach us at C & E Gun shows at  888-715-0606 or at 540-953-0016.

By submitting a reservation card you hereby agree to accept the Terms and Rules as follows:  IF YOU NEED ELECTRIC, ($25 for drops or wall hookups) please call us in advance or select electric on your reservation. NO LOADED GUNS allowed in the building!   Absolutely No "Sub-Letting" of tables w/out permission from promoter. Table holders are not allowed to trade merchandise anywhere except their assigned tables. Table holders are not allowed to pickoff merchandise from customers near the front door. No food items allowed w/out prior consent from promoter.  Always check weapon before giving to customer to view. Guns must be secured in Glass case, tied w/Rubber coated metal cables or Alarm cables to prevent theft. Holster vendors must utilize plastic/fake guns for display. No Black-Powder allowed. Ammo must be sealed, bagged or taped off. Pepper-Spray must be Seal-Packaged to prevent accidental discharge. Safety violations are immediate grounds for removal from show w/out refund or recourse! Parts to convert semi-to-auto are not allowed. No adult content or racial/sexist items. Display items MUST be Gun & Knife show related. Unrelated items are subject to removal unless prior consent is granted by promoter. Promoter reserves the right to ban/remove any items he deems unrelated or undesirable. Vendors must not display beyond their table or move tables w/out consent from promoter (Fire Marshal regulations). No Smoking at any time in any venue. Promoter reserves the right to limit the type or number of displays. End caps are 7 tables or more. We cannot "guarantee" 3 or 5 table end-caps, or even specific locations due to layout limitations, but will try to accommodate when possible. Show hours are 9-5 Sat and 9-4 Sun and Customers pay admission and deserve to see all vendors, therefore No Early Packing or Leaving Early!   Vendors who "No-Show" or "Cancel the week of the Show" must pay for tables or future reservations can not be accepted (No exceptions). Vendors who have not arrived by 8:30am, and have not called are a "No-Show". Tables are to be paid in advance until exhibitor has set-up w/us at least 5 times. All tables must be covered with table cloth. Vendors must abide by all Federal, State and Local laws pertaining to the Sale & Transfer of Firearms as well as all Taxation and Licensing Regulations and Failure to follow said laws, taxation, licensing regulations or display rules may result in closure of display and expulsion from show, w/out refund or recourse. Vendors are responsible for all individuals occupying their assigned space. Refunds are not given for inclement weather concerns which result in early show closures. (IE, Tornados, Flooding, Blizzards, acts of God, etc.) Exhibitors also agree to release Show Promoter from all liability for any theft/damages/losses/injuries suffered while at Gun Show.
8' tables w/Chairs are $70 per weekend. (Prices subject to change unless already paid in advance). Add $25 for Electricity.

DEALER SET-UP TIMES: FRIDAY 12-8pm, SATURDAY 7-9am, (unless otherwise noted)
SHOW HOURS: Sat 9-5, Sun 9-4. Must stay till closing both days!! ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY-PACKING!

For each reservation you submit you agree to abide by the "Terms and Rules for Display Reservations" which refers to the above statement.

8' Tables with Chairs are $70 per weekend for all locations.

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